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Concealed Carry in the United States


Let’s face it, guns are not going anywhere here in the United States and while some states support open carry, most of the United States require Concealed Carry.

Carrying a firearm is part of our heritage here in the United States and yet this right is trampled on everyday.

What is Concealed Carryconcealed carry

Concealed Carry means that you must keep your firearm concealed at all times, but here’s the kicker. Even many states that are open carry, will arrest you for carrying in the open. The charge will not be carrying in the open however, it will be breach of peace.

Of course, this charge will be thrown out because you weren’t breaking any laws, but in the meantime, you are forced to spend a lot of money on a lawyer and endure the inconvenience of being wrongfully accused.

Welcome to your left wing state!

The Right to Bear Arms

US Concealed Carry

My wife and four kids are the reason I carry.

The Constitution of the United States clearly emulates that you have the right to bear arms and that right shall not be infringed upon and yet it is infringed upon everyday.

You are forced to get permits and undergo fingerprinting as well as sit through training that you could teach better than the kid whose teaching it.

I understand that we are a nation of laws, but the rights guaranteed under the Constitution should take precedent and they don’t.

This is one instance where I don’t agree with the right of states to institute their own laws that walk all over the rights of people guaranteed under the constitution.

There is a popular misconception that the American people don’t want their gun rights taken away because they want to be able to hunt, or to defend themselves against intruders, when the fact of the matter is, our right to bear arms is so that we can defend ourselves against a tyrannical government. And yet our states are busy outlawing semi automatic and military style firearms, while a firearm with the best buffer springs for a 300 blackout is exactly what  we are going to need to defend ourselves.


I think not!

What Can You Do?

As an American, there are many things that you can do to ensure your right to bear arms.NRA

  • Join the NRA – Never has there been an organization as passionate as the NRA is about kepping and maintaining our right to bear arms. You should support them.
  • Vote for politicians that share your view – Yes, there are politicians out there that share your views. Oftentimes they are far outweighed by soccer moms and left wing radicals, but stick to your guns. No pun intended
  • Get your Concealed Carry Permit – If you don’t already have it, get your concealed carry permit in your state and learn to carry on a daily basis.
  • Practice Safe Gun Ownership – Nothing fuels the anti gun faction more than preventable accidents by so called safe gun owners. Take your responsibility seriously and guarantee the safety of your firearm.

Guns aren’t going anywhere, and the sooner that you get on the bandwagon and support everyone’s right to carry, the better we will be as a nation.

Remember, it is your right!

Our Hunting Heritage in The United States

Our hunting heritage in the United States continues to move toward extinction as more and more young people are opting to not participate in our once popular past time.

Gone are the days of all of the men from the extended family gathering at deer camp to swap stories and pass on the rules and love of the outdoors.

Old Deer Camp photo

Photo Courtesy of Wikipedia


Back then you carried only a rifle, a knife, the clothes on your back and the knowledge in your head, and if you were unsuccessful, your family did not eat meat over the winter!

It is very different today, where hunters carry all of the latest gadgets and gizmos. Today hunters have to have the best hunting binoculars and the best rangefinders and waterproof boots and scent removers and hand warmers!

While you would think that all of these new gadgets would make deer hunters more successful, the truth is that there is no substitute for the knowledge and woodsmanship that was passed down from generation to generation and now is in danger of being lost.

What Can You Do To Preserve Our Hunting Heritage?

The only way that our hunting heritage is going to survive in the United States is if there is a grass roots effort to involve young people in our traditions and pass on our love and respect for the outdoors and the animals we pursue for both food and sport.

  1. Practice what you preach – As an adult that children look up to, you need to let them see you hunting and let them see your love and admiration of the animals that you pursue. Be sure to always obey the game laws and teach the children a healthy respect for the outdoors.
  2. Involve the family in the outdoors – There are many opportunities to involve the family in the outdoors besides hunting that will help to contribute to a love of the outdoors that will spill over into hunting. You can take the family fishing, or hiking or take them with you to look for shed deer antlers. Involve them any way that you can.
  3. Take a kid hunting – This is absolutely imperative if we are going to save our hunting heritage in the United States. We can not continue to lose hunters at the rate that we currently are and not expect to lose our rights and heritage. These can be some of the most satisfying times in a father and child’s life and can lead to memories that will be cherished forever. If you do not hunt yourself, perhaps you have a family member or a friend that can take your child hunting. Contact your local fish and game club and seek out a mentor that can help your child to find that love of the outdoors resting deep inside their soul.


Our hunting heritage in the United States is in trouble and the only way that we are going to save it is going to be with a concerted grass roots effort to get more young people involved in the outdoors.

It’s high time we get our children to put down the electronics and get back to the soul soothing accomplishments of being an outdoorsman and hunter.

Our hunting heritage will die without it.